When We Act Like Children

I was able to get permission to release one more post to you all and I will also leave one previous story up here as well until the book is released, which it looks like it will be sometime around this summer. Enjoy.

December was an odd month. From the first day of the month to ending it on New Years, I was surprised at how positive it was and how it was filled with all the random encounters of people. From the first day with the Hawaiin banana (a story not yet told to you all) to the last day meeting a nice girl Taylor at the concert (who was able to give her incredible drawing of John Mayer to John Mayer), something was definitely in the air. The last few days of the year, I spent holed up in my house writing and working. Usually, I am all about relaxing and milking that for all it’s worth, but I couldn’t get all of these encounters and stories out of my mind. My brain was on creative overload. So, with all that time, I did what every normal human being does, I whipped out my phone and spent way too much time on social media.

Earlier this fall, I hired a social media team to do my social media for me so I wouldn’t have the pressure of spending countless hours on Instagram, or feeling the need of validation from random strangers. It felt so good to be away from social media. I felt clean. My mind felt healthier. FOMO (fear of missing out) didn’t exist and I could actually focus on what was in front of me. But then after Vegas, I noticed that jealousy stared creeping in, and I started acting like a teenager. The thing with social media is, someone can look like they’re having so much fun, but in all reality, they’re not. Hell- even I could be at some amazing rooftop concert, and I could’ve just been crying in the bathroom over a boy. Social media is the ultimate false persona. I’m writing a book about being real and being authentic, and I do truly try and stick to that in my day-day life (and even what I post to everyone on social media) but even sometimes I fall victim to the game playing. I don’t like who I become when I do that and therefore I don’t want to play that type of game.

Now, yes I know I need social media for work, and film and for my book, but I want to use it in a positive light. I don’t want to act like a child when doing it. And I started to notice that’s what I was doing…and we can normally guess why one acts like a child and it tends to be over games that boys and girls play. I wish these games were like hopscotch or freeze tag, but sadly, these are not as innocent. I kept repeating in my head “Lauren you’re better than this. Knock it off.” And I am better than this social media bs. We all know when it comes down to it that if anyone is legitimately interested in you, they will make the effort and they will show you. It comes back to that good ol’ saying “Actions speak louder than words…and memes” They will actually pick up their phone and call you (I guess text counts in this generation too). They will act like an adult, not send some social media mixed messages crap. I am guilty as charged for doing it, as we all are and all have. In my eyes, social media is a devil’s advocate. It’s a catch 22. It’s the necessary evil. We have to have it, we just need to learn how to use it better.

Don’t drink and scroll. You’ll only end up getting jealous, doing something you regret, or hurting yourself. It’s just not worth it. So this January (and year) I’m looking forward to some more positive scenarios like December brought, that thankfully had nothing to do with social media. Remember what’s important y’all. Enjoy the new year!